Koprivnica Street Art fest Vol#2

It`s great to see that good ideas go on! For the second time I was a part of a great Street art festival organised by Mamuze, awesome girls from Koprivnica!!! Such a great bunch of street and graffiti artist gathered there. It was inspiring and fun, we left some intersting traces of our existance around Koprivnica!


Just 10 min from Pisa a gorgeous litlle place called Nodica is located, wonderfull sunny and green. There I met a group of musical enthusisast and had the honour of decorating their musical studio, alongside with some other great young artists. It was really a pleasure to hang out with them.



Sava malaThe name comes from the name of the Sava river and mahala, contracted usually to ma('a)la in Serbian, one of the Turkish words for neighbourhood or block of houses.
And today it is the epicenter of urban culture in Belgrade, an eclectic mix of old shops, galeries and night clubs. Urban spaces mix with old buildings, tourists and natives crawl from all around creating a melting pot of fun and creative ideas. I enjoyed working there, and definitely will come back.

Mattia Campo x Auks