Finally i found persone with this pictures from beograd,this is before few years Belef street art jam.
This is part of that jam like work spot with Remed,Pekmez,Aorta,Dulait,Okey,F.K.Benny.

some new wall

not finish.....

Oh-Uh Auks

I finally finish wall before few mounts :)
this wall is with Oh-Uh...

Rijeka Street Zine 2010

Part of my wall on Rijeka street zine 2010.
Other you can see on Rijekastreetzine

Some art work before months

still rainy days at my home town :(


This is my first piece at Osijek underpass HOF in my 5 years of art work.

Rainy Days

I start before 2 days some new wall but it stay unfinished because of this "wonderfully" days :(