It is visions and bravery of certain individuals that make a difference, put a new light to this world, and change our everyday existence, That's just what happened in the istrian city Vodnjan, where Boombarstick Urban Arts & Musi’ Festival exists from 2013. The organisers of the festival used all their energy and ideas to create something unique and exquisite, a festival that attracts the finest of the street art scene of today.
This year in the beginning of June, I had an honour to participate in this great concept. I draw on the wall of the one of the oldest Oil mills in Vodnjan, actually pretty famous in the world as well, called Tonin. The energy of the city, and the fact that I'm drawing on the wall of an oil mill inspired me to call my work ' Golden olive'.
It was a great experience and a fun time, left a feeling of being fully relaxed and connected to the art and the city.

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